Friday, October 25, 2013

Death, Destruction and Deadlines

Wow - so you are thinking - strange title for a Montessori / Teaching from a Tackle Box post?

....Well that is exactly what has been keeping me from blogging over the last couple of months.

My mother-in-law passed away early September.

Early October, my 12 x 12 foot deck fell off the back of my house during a historic record-breaking snow.

My back deck Friday afternoon October 4th.

 My back deck Saturday morning October 5th.
About 8:30 am I was standing in my kitchen and 
there was a rumbling that shook the whole house.
Then a crash and a thud...

 The stairs from the deck wrapped around to the side of my house and the wooden bracing 
had landed on my gas meter. So we immediately set to work....

 It took eight of us TWO hours to dig out the snow 
and to cut out out the stairs away from the house.

Homeschool Engineering 201
The next day we had to pull down the rest of the deck via the one standing pole.

 And so each day we do a little more... 
My shirt reads "Too Blessed to be Stressed."
That says it all!

My kids practiced a few ninja skills... 
My daughter with her steel toed boots... 

 And my son with his flying hammer jump...

So each week we add more to the garbage...
I can live with the deck going down...
But all those beautiful trees that were damaged and destroyed...
Now that's what makes me sad. 

And now I am going crazy still trying to catch up with orders from my Livable Learning Etsy store and my Livable Learning website store at 

So someday when life gets back to normal... Oh wait, that's just not going to happen is it? 
Ok, so someday... I WILL find the time to blog again!

~ Suzanne


  1. Well, add to all that just before Christmas my daughter slid on icy roads and totaled her car, the father of all 8 of my children had another CT scan and may have kidney cancer and my 50yo brother just died of brain cancer this month January 2014. I closed my Etsy store right after Christmas just to catch up and take a break from dealing with people....Gonna regroup and re-evaluate and do more blogging and less materials making for other people via Etsy.

  2. Suzanne, my heart goes out to you during this rough season. I will keep you and you family in my prayers.


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