Friday, April 26, 2013

Montessori on Etsy!

I thought I was addicted to Pinterest, and then along came Etsy!

Jessica from Garden of St. Francis suggested to me that I start selling my handmade Montessori materials on Etsy. I reluctantly decided to follow her advice and opened my Livable Learning Etsy store in August of 2012. I am now completely enjoying the experience! Livable Learning Etsy features handmade Montessori materials and family handcrafts, especially crochet. The new logo for my Etsy store is below:

I've been learning the ins and outs of selling on Etsy but I recently started joining Teams on Etsy to help promote my store and a whole new world opened up to me! Etsy teams are a community feature where people with common interests connect and collaborate. You can see my Livable Learning teams HERE. It was through the advice of a team member that I learned how to add my Etsy SHOP directly to my Facebook page. Jessica is the captain of the team Montessori, whose members sell authentic Montessori items on Etsy. Using the search box on Etsy you can type in teammontessori and member's items that are tagged will be displayed for you.

This blog is called Teaching from a Tackle Box but it all grew out of a book that I wrote in 2003 called "From Creative Chaos to Livable Learning." It was written as a guide for homeschooling parents who desired more order in their home.

Mary, founder of the Montessori egroup playschool6, reviewed the book and stated:
"The simplicity of your book is genius. Everything seems to be broken down very simply, yet completely, which is a plus for homeschooling moms (who live in chaos). I have been making Holy Hours with the kids and this is a great book for me to focus on change. You know, the MM teacher must grow."

The ebook is now available at the Etsy store for the lowest price I have ever offered it for. 
It is available as either an instant download or an PDF to be emailed.  

 So Livable Learning is now 10 years old! I started my Livable Learning website shortly after I wrote the book and I have been designing Montessori materials ever since.

To celebrate Livable Learning's anniversary 
everything in the Etsy store is 50% until May 3rd, 2013. 
Use code ANNIV2013. 

Etsy also allows members to create Treasuries and to curate collections of their favorites from other member's items or a collection of items based on a theme. It's an honor for a shop owner to have items chosen for an Etsy Treasury. And it's an adventure to create your own Treasury based on other member's items. Lat night I created my first collection and you can view the Treasury "Sensational Sensorial" HERE.

Up to 16 items may be listed in a treasury. The code of ethics for creating a treasury is that it is not for self-promotion, so you should not include any items from your own Etsy store and it is recommended that you only have one item in the treasury from any particular Etsy shop.

If any of you have a Montessori Etsy shop please share..


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