Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NEW! Decanomial and Checkerboard boxes

Tackle Box Tuesday DIY 
Decanomial & Checkerboard Boxes

The boxes are IRIS photo storage boxes.

The DECANOMIAL box holds the following materials:
  • Sensorial Decanomial (in two 4 x 6 boxes)
  • Geometric Decanomial (blue) & Numbered Envelopes
  • Algebraic Decanomial (red) & Numbered Envelopes
  • Algebraic Decanomial Tiles & Equations Materials (in one 4 x 6 box)
  • Control Cards for each of the materials listed above 
Note: the printed Geometric & Algebraic Decanomial sets are in envelopes that stand freely in the larger storage box - they do not fit in the smaller 4 x 6 boxes.
You will find the album presentations HERE.

Decanomial Works

Below is my matboard set for the Sensorial Decanomial.
There is a trick to piling them up so pretty!

Sensorial Decanomial

The Checkerboard Box holds the following materials:
  • Matboard Tiles for the Multiplication Checkerboard (in three 4 x 6 boxes)
  • Hierarchical Numerals and Checkerboard Sidebar Labels
  • Additional Matboard Tiles for the Decimal Checkerboard and Sidebar Labels  (in one 4 x 6 box)
  • Graph paper for recording Checkerboard equations (in one 4 x 6 box)
  • (not pictured) Set of pre-printed equations for child to work with (in one 4 x 6 box)
  • Controls for the Multiplication and Decimal checkerboards

Checkerboard Works

Downloads for these Decanomial and Checkerboard materials will be available at Hope4ME. Or you can purchase the ready made sets HERE.

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